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by Steve Nodwell - Friday, 3 October 2014, 11:13 AM
Anyone in the world

So, term 3 complete. 

Over the break what I've been working on most is a web design/build job Bob asked around for. Nearly complete, view it if you like at, and you may recognise the design Bob - Thought I'd save my time and therefore his money by simply colour replacing the design I did for the BCIS198 assignment. Run into a small roadblock tho: I'd like to add a database function for storing the recipes on the site; and no matter what I try I simply can't connect to the database from anything other than the phpMyAdmin page the host provides. Not great. I've emailed the hosts tech support about it, we'll see how we get on.

Anyway when that's complete I'll be submitting several functions of the site as part of my DICT540 Portfolio. On that front, I've finally finished re-building Yahtzee for HTML5/JS, and have also done a calculator, a conversion table, a quiz, and a functioning chatroom. The chatroom code would be ideal as a side conversation for a web-based online game, which was my initial idea until realising that the portfolio was not allowed to be one big project, it had to be 10 small ones. Maybe if I can't find a job in the field I'll start that again as a side/home project.

I've given a presentation to the class for BCIS206 Professional Practise - my topic was IT and Entertainment. I was hoping to get a lot more discussion going on, but the "first thing monday morning" got in the way; so the presentation ran a little short. Overall tho, I reckon it went pretty well. I'll hold off the detailed post about it until I've seen the video.

My day in the service desk with David and Andrew was sadly very quiet. Got a few answers I needed for the documentation assignment, ghosted a few laptops, solved at least one very clearly staged job (fixed by plugging a USB into a different socket).

Thats about all I can think to write right now. Ciao-ciao