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by Steven Wilkinson - Saturday, 22 November 2014, 10:07 PM
Anyone in the world

Where do I start ! What a roller coaster of a paper to get through, so many positives in regards to learning, tainted with some lows when you realize that what you have been working on for weeks, isn't really going to be up to scratch, and decide to delete it all and start again.........3 hindsight, it shows me thatĀ I have progressed through the different stages of learning to arrive at a point that I fine my self saying, " is this work the best I can produce, or can I do better " . As I go forward with more learning in web design, I no doubt will revisit this work and tweak it on a regular occasion, add new things, take out things that are redundant or shouldn't have been there to start with, there lays the beauty in why we want to learn, why we want to gain knowledge in not only Web design but inĀ general........Self Improvement.

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