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by Steve Nodwell - Tuesday, 2 December 2014, 4:49 PM
Anyone in the world

Term has finished! Turns out I'm the only graduate wanting to work in Greymouth, so yay, less competition in the job market.

DICT510, the DB assignment? Turns out I never had to do it in the first place. FFS.

For the group report which was basically the last thing we did, I need to define a few issues here. so:


  • A student grading anothers work can be a bit iffy. A pair of slightly dishonest students could use each other for easy As, or allow one to sabotage another. This is offset by the tutor marking the gradings as well - but does introduce extra work for Bob.
  • The assessment allows for an imperfect marking schedule. Our own was very heavily weighted towards having lots of references - and I know I thought to exploit that. Was that ethical of me? We'd agreed to it, and I wanted a good mark.


  • As stated above, either the tutor gets a break from marking when students grade each other, or has extra work marking the students grades. 
  • CSER itself is an issue around professionalism. There's the business need to make a profit, and the social need for the community, and the environmental need for the planet we live on. Which is the most important need to fill?

The assignment itself:

  • Leaving it til nearly the last minute was a dumb idea. Always is.
  • CSER is a ridiculously hard topic to find hard information on.