Available courses

Theory 2 (Elective)

To enable the learner to extend concepts and skills learnt in MUSA501 towards more complex harmonic and theoretical concepts as typically applied to jazz improvisation and writing, and in more complex popular styles.

MUS603 Advanced Music Performance 1

1. Develop individual and collaborative skills to inform their music performance identity.  2. Perform original music in defined settings demonstrating technical ability and artistic proficiency.

MUS606 Advanced Contemporary Music Writing 2

1. Apply individual and collaborative music writing processes to the development of their musical identity.  2. Apply composition and arrangement techniques to the development a broad range of music and sound related works.

MUSA611 Popular Major Study

To enable the learner to acquire essential basic techniques appropriate to performance in Popular music, and to enable the learner to develop the ear’s perception of tonal and rhythmic relationships and their notation. 

MUSA617 Popular Music Performance (Elective)

To enable the learner to develop in their chosen area of performance-specialisation by presenting existing examples from the popular music genre (selected from set and chosen repertoire), and by developing the opportunities to perform original songs and pieces as developed in other courses. Perform…

MUSA618 Music Production (Elective)

To introduce and develop a range of skills and techniques pertinent to the field of music production through study of historical trends, critical listening and evaluation, theoretical study and practical application. To enable the learner to develop the ear's perception of tonal and rhythmic relati…

CTX601/MUSA641 Contextual Studies 2

To extend the learner's ability to research, analyse and discuss theories shaping creative practice across a range of cultural and historical contexts.

AEP605/MUSA661 Music Sequencing (Elective)

To enable the learner to develop skills and techniques associated with music sequencing software and to utilise musical and technical skills to develop and integrate MIDI and audio elements to produce a range of textures and music tracks.