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AEP601 Physics of Sound 2

1. Analyse the principles of sonic and acoustic theory for a range of recording and/or live sound contexts. 2. Analyse loud speaker and audio amplifier design in a range of recording and/or live sound contexts. 3. With reference to theoretical knowledge and skills, apply principles of acoustics to …

AEP602 Production Styles

1. Analyse audio technology, processes and techniques as they apply to a range of dynamic recording and mixing contexts. 2. Critically analyse and evaluate historic approaches to audio engineering to inform their practice. 3. Apply principles of music theory to music composition and arrangement in …

AEP603 Applied Audio Engineering 3

1. Operate a broad range of audio software and hardware in recording studio and Digital Audio Workstation contexts. 2. Select and apply a range of advanced audio engineering techniques and processes in a variety of live-sound and recording contexts. 3. Record and mix a range of material within set …

AEP604 Applied Audio Engineering 4

1. Complete a variety of defined recording projects to a commercial level. 2. Analyse and offer solutions to technical problems with reference to theoretical knowledge. 3. Analyse and contribute to music arrangements and compositions.

AEP606 Applied Production Elective

1. Produce a defined portfolio of music and other sound-related works to a commercial level.

AEP607 Sound for Visual media

1. Produce sound for a defined range of visual media. 2. Use industry-standard formats to mix sound for a defined range of destination media.

AEP608 Advanced Live Sound

1. Operate a variety of sound reinforcement systems in a range of live sound contexts. 2. Analyse and emply the relevant principles involved in the production of live sound in a range of venues. 3. Analyse the acoustic characteristics of different venues using industry standard systems to optimise …