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CAP701 Project (Ak)

To plan, develop and present a portfolio of performance outcomes that reflects their strengths, skills and artistic aspirations and that allows them to homogenise, integrate and develop these elements by negotiating and completing a learning contract.

CAP702/3 Major Project Planning/Implementation

CAP702:  1. Plan for and negotiate the structure of a project or body of work. 2. Apply appropriate project management methodologies to develop and support creative practice. CAP703: 1. Produce a negotiated project or body of work. 2. Apply critical analysis and research skills to inform their…

RES702 Research (Ak)

To develop the necessary skills to conduct and report research under supervision.

SON703 Sonic Arts and Music Production

To extend and develop advanced theoretical knowledge to the practical application of skills in sound and audio production.

CTX701 Contextual Studies 3

1. Apply appropriate research methodologies to develop and support creative practice. 2. Critically evaluate contextual factors influencing creativity and technique.

AEP704 Applied Audio Engineering 5

1. Critically analyse approaches to signal-flow across audio production contexts to inform repair of, or construction of, a basic electronic curcuit componentry. 2. Critically analyse current approaches to post- production techniques to inform their practice. 3. Critically analyse and evaluate thei…

AEP705 Develop Workplace Practices

1. Develop a work-practice research project based within an industry-related commercial environment OR 2. Apply Electronic Music Production tools and workflow to produce and perform a negotiated live or broadcast performance OR 3. Develop a work-practice research project to provide structured, effe…

AEP706 Radio and Broadcast Production

1. Critically analyse key characteristics of broadcast-sound standards to create and record advertisements and programme-related audio to broadcast quality. 2. Select and apply specialist audio equipment and software relating to radio and TV broadcast and production to produce commercial works.

AEP707 Game Audio

1. Critically research and apply industry-standard tools and techniques to create, record and mix audio and music for computer games to a commercial standard.