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A Moodle course can have a forum.  This is like an online bulletin board, and is similar but slightly diferent to a Facebook wall or a mailing list.

You can use a forum to post messages: introductions, questions, comments, news etc.  They can be social - or also a part of normal course work - or a mix of both.

Forums are only open to members of a course.  Anyone can make a post or reply to other posts.  You can use the editor to insert images, change formating, or inserting links.  Also, it is possible to add attachments.

If you are subscribed to a forum, it will send you a copy of the post to your email in tray.

To read posts in a forum

Click on the forum link, and then click on the Subject.

To reply to a post

Open up the post and click on the reply link.

To make a post on a new subject (starting a new discussion)

Click on the Start a new discussion link.

To add an attachment

Scroll down to the bottom of the post, and either drag the file into the drag area, or click "add file"

To insert an image

Click the Link that looks like a picture.