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Tidying up a course in v2.4

This page is a checklist of a few things to do to sort out your course after importing from 1.9 or 2.2

First things first

  • You will need to have a teacher role
  • You will need to be aware of the location of the important links in the top menu bar
  • You will need to know where the Edit mode on links are
  • You need to know about moving things around using the Move icon.
  • You will need to be able to find the Main course page in your Moodle course
  • You will need to understand the idea of a Moodle section

Basically, there is a new section naming functionality, a new "One section per page" course format and a new Course menu block.  


To get your course set up, you need to

  • check the course settings
  • cut down the size of section zero (which appears at the top of every page)
  • rename the sections
  • add in a course menu block.  

You have a new drag and drop functionality to make this a little easier.  Detailed help follows.

The detailed checklist

  1. Check the course settings. 
    Course Administration > Edit settings

    The key items in Course settings.

    1. Course full name
    2. Course short name
    3. Course summary (optional)
    4. Format (set to Topics)
    5. Course layout (set to Show one section per page)
  2. Reduce the size of Sections zero. 
    This appears at the top of all pages in the site.  Too big a section zero means a lot of scrolling.  Move all items you do not really need out of there. (Use the Move icon)
    If necesary, add in another section, and name it Introduction.

  3. (Re)name the sections in your course.
    These should be short and informative.  They will be the links in your course menu.
    How to name sections

  4. Add in a Course menu block.
    Your aim: a nice set of links in the course menu with the names of each section.

    1. Editing ON > Add block > Course menu
    2. Move the Course menu to the left, and top
    3. The menu links will contain the section names.  If needed, rename the sections.

Congratulations!!  you are ready to go!!