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Tidying up a course in v2.4

Sections: Name, Create & Move

The basic unit of Moodle is the Moodle section. This covers Changing the number of sections, Moving sections and Naming section.

Changing the number of sections

Two options:

  1. Click Course administration link > Edit settings.  Then change the number of sections (where it says number of weeks/topics)
  2. At the bottom of the Main course page there is a tiny PLUS (+) button

Move sections

  1. Go to the Main course page.
  2. Turn editing on > Click and drag the move icon.

This is a little bit of an art to do.  You will see a shadowy image moved.

Naming sections

Click the edit icon (spanner). You will see a form with several settings.

  1. Click to uncheck the "Use default"
  2. Type a section name.
    Keep it short: it will appear in the course menu.
  3. Type a Summary.
    Keep this short.  It will appear in the Main course view page.
    We suggest: a brief sentence, in italics.