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Staff Help

Experiencing Moodle

This is for staff, a short experience of Moodle 2.3

What’s involved?

Several short activities, your time, your pace.  Maybe 20 minutes a few times over a fortnight.

Do I have to do this all at once?  No.  You can pick things up at your own pace.

Aim: to have a short experience of Moodle 2.3 as a student.  Good for you (you will be able to walk in their shoes as it were), good for us (we'll get a feel for how Moodle 2.3 is going to go).

After this, if anyone needs it, we will have a slightly deeper option "Using Moodle" to consider the basics of course design and teaching with an online component.

Some of you that I have invited are already familiar with version 2.3.  You are more like the 'rent a crowd' option.  (Thanks!!)

TOPICS: Experiencing Moodle 2.3

  1. Getting into Moodle. (Profiles, passwords and navigation)
  2. Navigation to courses, what is a Moodle “course”? (members, roles and enrolments)
  3. Forums and how they work.  (Subscriptions and notifications)
  4. How to use the delete button: skim, scan, strip, gut.
  5. Using forums to manage all sorts of activities.
  6. Good and not so good online course design and experiences.
  7. Being online: your online persona.  How to save time and achieve more.
  8. What Moodle can do and not do.


  1. Of you do not have an account for this site, check out the account creation process.
  2. Contact us at or phone Derek for an enrolment key.
  3. Login, and once you are logged in, navigate to the course: click on Teaching support > Experiencing Moodle 2.3
  4. Enter the enrolment key
  5. You are in.  Click on "Start here . . ."

Call or e-mail Derek if there are any questions.