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Creating Accounts in Bulk

This is a task for an administrator or a manager role.

The spreadsheet needs to have these headings as a minimum:
firstname, lastname, username, email (exact spelling, not too many extra spaces in the cells, and usernames in lower case)

With a clear indication of which courses students are to be enrolled in.

Then send the spreadsheet to the person creating the accounts.

A little detail:

  1. Create spreadsheet in Excel.
    1. Exact spelling.
    2. Four column headings minimum.
    3. Usernames can be student ID's or some combination of names and firstnames.
  2. Forward spreadsheet to Moodle admin with clear details of what courses students need to be enrolled in.
  3. From the spreadsheet:
    1. Admin to enter extra information about courses, groups etc.
    2. Create CSV from spreadsheet, check for no spaces.
    3. Upload.

For more information you can check out Moodle docs: