Emergency Management and SAR

Two free courses are now on offer.  These are self paced online courses delivered through Bracken, an online course management system based in Dunedin.

The courses are found at this address: https://sar.brackenlearning.com/


This is a prerequisite to many other course in the Emergency Management and Search and Rescue sector.


This is a requirement to complete CIMS4. More Information

Testers wanted!!

The course is now open for enrolments, but we are keen for a few initial users to come in and give us any feedback.

How to enrol

Step one: Register an account

Go to https://sar.brackenlearning.com/ and Register by creating an account.

The Join Code (as below) is SAR808 or CIMS2 depending on which course you want.


Step Two: that's it!!  There is a short orientation activity to start you off

The courses consists of video clips, some exercises and readings.  You can progress at your own rate.

  • If you have any questions about courses and where to from now, please contact: Rae Tailby, SAR and Emergency Management Manager at: Tai Poutini raet@tpp.ac.nz
  • If you have any questions about Bracken, or the course itself, please contact Derek Chirnside: derekc@tpp.ac.nz

What happens next?

When you have finished the course, then the system will tell us.  If you have any questions, please contact Derek.

More about Bracken | SAR and Emergency Management courses at TPP 

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