Topic outline

  • 2013 copyright survey @ Tai Poutini


    If you have any problems or questions please contact Sabrina or Derek.  wink

  • Overview

    The next copyright audit will occur in 2013.  There is good news (no photocopier survey forms) and three forms to fill in.

  • 1. Checklist Form

    Every department (or equivalent) needs to complete a separate checklist for each Tutor, for each semester.
    Only record courses being taught in 2013.
    Refer to the one page Copyright Guide which lists what you can copy.

  • 2. Cover Sheet Form

    For courses that contain copyright material (as listed on the checklist from Step 1) attach a completed cover sheet to either:

    1. a copy of the course material (referenced correctly)
    2. a list of required readings
    3. a completed reference list

    All material copied from a hard source needs to be listed, including material printed out during the year.

  • 3. HOD Form

    The HOD (or equivalent) for each faculty needs to check that the information being provided is accurate and sign the HOD form.

    Compile all the checklists, cover sheets, course packs/required readings/reference lists and attach the HOD form to the top of the pile.
    Please give to Sabrina (if you are on the coast) or other arrangements as appropriate.