About Forums

[Images to come later] Making posts in an online forum is a common way to manage online communication.

A forum consists of Discussions (sometimes called Discussion threads, with each thread having it's own topic)

To start off a discussion you click the “Start a discussion” button.

You then add a subject, a message, an optional attatchment and then click Post to forum.

You then have 30 minutes to edit if you want to.  (Clickj on the edit button when you are reading the post)

Previous discussions are shown in a table, with the discussion with the most recent post in it floating to the top.

To view a discussion click on the subject.

Here we see the posts in the discussion.

There are several possible views for posts: the usual view shows the original post at the top, with replies arranged under it.

To make a reply, visit the discussion, and in the post you want to reply to, click on the reply link.

As before, you can then type a new subject if you like, a message

If you want to you can add attachments.
and then click

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